Harnessing Today’s Torrents of Unstructured Data to Grow Your Business

Comprehending the power – and potential – presented by today’s accelerating, escalating flow of business information is easier if you picture a roaring river rushing through – and reshaping – gaping gorges.
Think Niagara Falls, a phenomenon with the raw force to break tons of stone and deliver electricity that serves millions of people. The outcome – destructive grinding or constructive growth – depends on how we harness these tremendous torrents.
The challenge and opportunity unstructured data pouring through the cloud poses to your business figuratively is no less grandiose than a thundering waterfall. The deluge of petabytes can dash operations to pieces or drive unprecedented expansion by uncovering new customers, new partnerships, and new revenue streams.
So, which way will you harness the flow?
How will you keep pace with surging volumes of data flowing through public to private clouds, coursing across data centres and powering your remote operations?
At HighVail, along with our partner NetApp, we advocate object storage through cloud-based data management as a simple, secure, flexible, scalable, and affordable solution. The technology we recommend for implementing this solution is NetApp® StorageGRID®.

StorageGRID: Harness the Flow of Unstructured Data

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What is an Object Storage Solution with Cloud-Based Management?

In technical terms, StorageGRID is a software-defined, object-based storage solution that supports standards from cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others.
The technology aligns with your current environment – from virtual machines to containers – and is designed, implemented, and managed through centralized, streamlined processes that allow you to deploy petabytes of storage rapidly. The solution adapts to a range of appliances but also can deploy as software-only nodes on physical or virtual servers.
In practice, StorageGRID can scale globally across multiple data centres, with customizable service levels for optimizing storage across geographies and throughout your data lifecycle. The solution keeps data durable and available while enabling hybrid cloud workflows — whether your data is on premises or in a public cloud — providing access to Amazon SNS, Microsoft Azure Blob, Amazon Glacier, Elasticsearch, and similar services.

How an Object Storage Solution Channels the Power of Unstructured Data Flows

At HighVail, we specialize in helping companies apply the leverage of digital transformation through projects like harnessing unstructured data. From this perspective of technical expertise and practical experience, we see five benefits of choosing NetApp StorageGRID as a solution:
So, are you ready to hear more about storage solution managed through the cloud?
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Explore and experience firsthand how HighVail and NetApp can advance the practice of your IT.
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