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Hybrid Cloud

On-Premise & Public or Private Cloud:
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What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid cloud computing differs from multi-cloud computing in one important way: the inclusion of private cloud infrastructure such as an enterprise’s own data centre along with one or more public cloud services, usually working in conjunction to achieve business goals. 
According to Red Hat, all hybrid clouds should:


What is Multi Cloud?

Multi cloud is a cloud approach made up of more than 1 cloud service, from more than 1 cloud vendor—public or private. In a multi-cloud environment, an enterprise utilizes multiple public cloud services, most often from different cloud providers. For example, an organization might host its web front-end application on AWS and host its Exchange servers on Microsoft Azure.
Since all cloud providers are not created equal, organizations adopt a multi-cloud strategy to deliver best of breed IT services, to prevent lock-in to a single cloud provider, or to take advantages of cloud arbitrage and choose providers for specific services based on which provider is offering the lowest price at that time.

Multi Cloud vs. hybrid cloud

What is the Difference?

A hybrid cloud becomes multi-cloud when there are more than one public cloud service combined with private cloud resources. Hybrid cloud is a combination of public and private clouds, usually to orchestrate a single IT solution between both. Overall, the two main difference between multi cloud and hybrid cloud are:
Regardless of where you fall along the cloud migration journey, HighVail can help you produce a winning strategy. Our cloud expertise can elevate your plan of action with assistance in everything from assessing migration readiness, executing cloud migrations, to optimizing costs to maximize savings. Contact us today to get started to turn dreams into a reality.


Shift to the Cloud

The cloud is no longer a mysterious concept. Most businesses have decided to use the cloud in one way or another; usually starting with a “lift and shift” of applications, but will often stall when trying to figure out what happens on day two. 
Utilize our expertise in data protection and disaster recovery and expand it with leading edge technologies like data fabric to the hybrid cloud. 


Why Adopt a Hybrid Cloud Strategy?

Instead of focusing on the now cliched “journey to the cloud,” we ensure that our customers have a cloud strategy that supports high availability, performance and flexibility and gets you through day two. Whether you’re using multiple data centers, public clouds, private clouds, or a combination of each, we can help reduce complexity while maintaining high availability, all while avoiding vendor lock-in. Day two is ensuring the application runs in production — and that it is monitored, capacity is managed, and any issues are troubleshot in real time. 

At HighVail, we’ve got years of deep and extensive experience in providing enterprise-grade data protection, disaster recovery & storage solutions.

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Cloud Adoption Framework

It’s never been more important to have a hybrid cloud strategy partner that delivers what they promise. Learn how HighVail can help you unlock the potential of your data strategy.


We understand the complexities of legacy IT environments and how to find the balance between the desire for innovation and the realities you’re facing.


We architect and design for the world of hybrid multi-cloud with a focus on availability, performance, and flexibility.

Build & Deploy

We leverage the very best of infrastructure automation to deploy an environment that is right for your needs.

Manage & Optimize

We do the heavy lifting in advancing the practice of IT so our clients can recognize benefits that are ongoing and cumulative.

How do you justify a cloud cost-saving initiative? How do you quantify and qualify and explain how to optimize your cloud? Download this nofrills checklist on how to justify a cloud cost-saving initiative to your boss.
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Consolidated Cloud Billing

We can create, provision and provide detailed billing on complex environments in the cloud to provide your team with predictable, well managed cloud costs. With this much visibility into your cloud deployment, you can optimize your efficiency, agility and cloud spend from top to bottom.
Whether you’re already deployed with a cloud provider, you want to ramp up your cloud deployment or take advantage of complex multi-vendor solutions in the cloud, HighVail’s Cloud Solutions can help you.
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Trusted HighVail Partner Solutions

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Preparing for Migration

Ready to learn more about how we can help your business with Hybrid or Multi Cloud? From cloud adoption to cost optimization, HighVail can help you achieve your business goals.

Containers and Platform

For those not so far along the path, we can get you started. Legacy applications, public cloud vendor lock-in, and escalating licensing costs are constant considerations in every organization. Containerizing applications is a great option.

Application Readiness

Knowing what operating systems and server platforms you use today is only a fraction of what you need to assess a cloud migration.
Migrate to the cloud with certainty.

Workload Migration

HighVail has partnered with AWS and Veritas to deliver consulting services to migrate workloads to AWS. Together we are helping our customers achieve their business goals and accelerate their journey to the cloud.