Data Management

Data Management

High Availability, Performance & Flexibility

We help protect, manage, store & recover your data to ensure reliable business continuity.

At HighVail, we have years of deep and extensive experience in providing enterprise-grade data protection, disaster recovery, and storage solutions. We ensure that our customers have a cloud strategy that supports high availability, performance and flexibility and gets you through Day 2. Whether you are using multiple data centers, public clouds, private clouds, or a combination, we can help reduce complexity, all while avoiding vendor lock-in.
Utilize our expertise in data protection and disaster recovery and expand it with leading edge technologies, like data fabric to the hybrid cloud. Book a FREE virtual Discovery Session with a HighVail expert to secure your enterprise today.

Why Protect Data?

Your data is the lifeblood of your business, but how well is it protected in the cloud?
If you don’t know the answer to that question, it may be at risk. In fact, many businesses don’t realize that when data resides in the cloud, it is not automatically protected.

Never again fear the cost of a cyber attack.

A proactive approach is required when protecting your workforce, as attacks become more common in day-to-day business. Since 2021, it is estimated a new organization will fall victim to ransomware every 11 seconds, costing businesses a predicted $20 billion globally. This number has increased by over 60% in 2022.
As cybercriminals grow more sophisticated, companies are realizing it is no longer a matter of if ransomware strikes, but when. How will you maintain operational resiliency when that day comes? Our team of experts can help you create and execute a strategy to keep your data safe and always available. 

Keeping Data Highly Available

We strive to always keep mission-critical applications highly available, while minimizing downtime with fast failover to your data centre or cloud of choice with trusted our partner solutions. Our proactive approaches ensure predictable availability, application resiliency and storage efficiency across multi-cloud, virtual and physical environments all while optimizing overall costs.

Disaster Recovery

Nearly every organization needs to ensure seamless and reliable IT service continuity in the event of an unplanned outage. The economic, legal and reputational risks of failing to do so are far too frightening to imagine. 
Depending upon your organization’s size, IT complexity and industry, deploying an IT service continuity solution is far from a trivial expense. So it’s important to do an in-depth analysis of your core business processes to prioritize which applications need to be available immediately, which ones can be offline for a few hours, and which ones can wait even a day or so. Leverage our trusted HighVail strategies for maintaining your data continuity and lean on us in the event of a disaster.

HighVail Trusted Partner Solutions

Veritas: Data Protection Services for Enterprise Businesses

Protect your enterprise from the unforeseen and ensure your data is always secure, compliant and available—no matter where it lives.
  • NetBackup

  • Backup Exec

  • SaaS Backup

  • System Recovery

  • Desktop & Laptop Option (DLO)

NetApp: Everything Needed to Build Your Unique Data Fabric

Your organization faces unprecedented challenges. Ensure remote workers stay connected to critical data and applications.
  • Data Availability Services

  • SnapCenter Backup Management

  • SnapMirror Data Replication

  • MetroCluster Business Continuity

  • SaaS Application Backup

EDB: Supercharge PostgreSQL

In today’s reality of distributed teams and diverse stakeholders, even the best teams need help. EDB’s customized services and best practices, drawn on decades of deployment experience, can augment your team’s PostgreSQL skills.
  • Migration Portal

  • Backup & Recovery Tool

  • Failover Manager

  • Build New Applications

  • Open-Source Projects

Innovate with the Modern Data Experience

Pure helps you use more of your data, while reducing the complexity and expense of managing the infrastructure behind it.
  • Data Protection

  • Ransomware

  • Rapid Restore

  • Security & Compliance

  • File & Object Storage


Where Should I Store My Data?

Whether your business fully lives in the cloud or only part of your workloads have migrated, we can help you manage your data and make the right strategic decisions around cloud-connected infrastructure and storage.

Additional Services

Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Whether you’re using multiple data centers, public clouds, private clouds, or a combination of each, we can help reduce complexity while maintaining high availability, all while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)

We help protect, manage, store and recover your data to ensure reliable business continuity.
Day two is ensuring the application runs in production — and that it is monitored, capacity is managed, and any issues are troubleshot in real time.

Application Readiness

Knowing what operating systems and server platforms you use today is only a fraction of what you need to assess a cloud migration. HighVail provides Application-Centric discovery and analysis to provide you with the data driven insights necessary to re-platform and refactor your applications for cloud.

Database Management

PostgreSQL continues to explode worldwide and is increasingly the database of choice for organizations looking to boost innovation and accelerate business.
Escape vendor lock-in and reduce database costs by up to 80% by embracing open source strategies with HighVail and EDB.