HighVail – Helping You Evolve Business Technology for Innovation

Advancing the Practice of I.T.
Businesses can only move as fast as IT delivers. HighVail helps modernize IT to take business to the next level, fast.
Cloud Services
HighVail Cloud Services were created to help you build and maintain protected, repeatable, and scalable environments regardless of chosen cloud provider.
Optimize Your Public Cloud Infrastructure
Spot by NetApp – a proven solution that’s enabling organizations to lower their cloud infrastructure costs by up to 90%, and much more.
Ransomware Resilience
Turn the tables on ransomware with HighVail & Veritas Backup Exec 22.
Veritas Workload Migration
Migrate workloads to public cloud simply, securely, and cost-effectively.
Gain direct access to our virtual engineering team comprised of highly skilled experts, risk free.
Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Quick Start
Reduce the amount of time spent on manual processes by up to 80%.
Containerize Your Applications
Get rid of unnecessary complexity, drastically increase efficiencies and run your applications where you want, consistently, without modification.
Supercharge PostgreSQL
An open source-based data management platform, optimized for greater scalability, security, and reliability.

Innovating Your IT Strategy

HighVail is a services-led organization that takes a modern approach to how applications are deployed and to the infrastructure they run on. There are an overwhelming number of vendors selling all manner of solutions – our primary focus is around 3:


The HighVail Difference

What makes HighVail different are our ideologies surrounding the important value in learning, as well as providing knowledge support to ensure stakeholders can learn how to get the most out of their IT solution.
We don’t simply throw a solution at you and call it a day. Our team of experts take the time to transfer insights in a way that encourages comprehension for all those involved. We like to think of ourselves as your friendly next door neighbours, who happen to be awesome at enterprise technology.  Go ahead and let us know how we can help: we’re ready. 

We focus on solutions where we have deep expertise and a strong legacy grounded in IT infrastructure adaptation that drives modernization in:




Containers & Platform 


Day 2 Ops

We take the time to understand our client's business requirements, then strategize how to reduce risks and accelerate initiatives by advancing their practice of IT to achieve a cumulative impact on their larger transformation.

Cloud Services

DevOps-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Training & Enablement

Infrastructure Assessments

Kubernetes & Cloud Native Consulting

We help to bridge the gaps through our Training & Enablement solutions. Whether it is automation, navigating Kubernetes, containers and platform, or hybrid multi-cloud, HighVail can deliver an inspiring solution that is right for your enterprise.





Containers & Platform

Data Management

Hybrid Multi-Cloud


Trending Services

With HighVail, you can trust your business technology is utilizing the right solutions at the right time, in the most efficient way, with the highest cost savings. So let’s get better acquainted. Our most popular services can be found below, or book a free 30-minute virtual Discovery Session to explore what is possible for your business.

DevOps-as-a-Service (DaaS)

If you are ready for a fast way to get going, we have created a DevOps-as-a-Service Quickstart offering. No sales pitch. No pressure. Use the time at your discretion in the first 30 days, with fully transparent pricing.

Cloud Managed Services

Our infrastructure experts can help you strike the right balance between merging legacy and modern cloud solutions, while controlling and predicting ongoing cloud costs to avoid waste.

Quick Start: Red Hat® Ansible® Automation

Imagine that all of your IT processes are automated using a single tool that everyone in your IT teams can use. If it could automate your entire application life cycle across servers, clouds, containers, and everything in between, what would you have time to do? The possibilities are endless.

BackUp-as-a-Service (BaaS)

We are proud to offer a flexible and customized Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) engagement model. Let us eliminate the worry, frustration, and considerable cost of managing your environment. We’ve got your back.

Quick Start: Containerize Applications

The HighVail Container Quickstart is designed for those who are new to container technology. It provides a low-risk opportunity to experience the revolutionary approach to how applications are packaged and run, consistently, regardless of where they reside. In less than 30 days you’ll discover what is possible.

Custom Technical Training & Enablement

Whether it is Kubernetes, automation, containers & platforms, or hybrid multi-cloud, HighVail can deliver an enablement solution that’s right for you. We design custom training that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us. Chances are we can help.