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Experience the HighVail advantage: easily optimize cloud expenditures, achieve stringent security compliance, and unlock additional benefits, all without costing you anything.
Migrating to AWS?
We'll do the heavy lifting. Move to the cloud quickly, lower migration costs, and jumpstart digital transformation.
Cloud Services
HighVail Cloud Services were created to help you build and maintain protected, repeatable, and scalable environments regardless of chosen cloud provider.
Backup Managed Services
Utilizing Veritas NetBackup or Backup Exec, the industry’s leading enterprise backup and recovery solutions, we ensure that your critical data and applications remain available, resilient, compliant, and secure against evolving cyber threats.
DevOps-On-Demand Subscription (DOODS)
Gain direct access to our virtual engineering team comprised of highly skilled experts, risk free.
Containerize Applications
Get rid of unnecessary complexity, drastically increase efficiencies and run your applications where you want, consistently, without modification.
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  • We Are Builders.

    We are professional builders of enterprise-grade, cloud-ready container platforms to run new and existing business applications.

  • We Are Optimizers.

    We are meticulous optimizers of application deployments, containerized applications, reducing complexities and increasing speed to deployment, often from days to seconds.

  • We Are Automators.

    We are avid automators of complex, manual and error-prone processes, and all manner of software defined infrastructure.

It’s great to have a resource like HighVail that delivers a full service response. With continued growth, resources are always a concern, and a reason why working with HighVail makes sense. They guided us through everything that needed to be done, plus they give us as little or as much help as we need. HighVail has truly been amazing.

G.W. System Administrator, Pioneer Energy

Our HighVail course moved at a good pace allowing us time to absorb the new knowledge. Matt was great in presenting the material and addressing our questions!

Major Canadian Financial Services & Insurance Provider

Through this project we have been virtualizing our existing Solaris footprint so that we no longer are reliant on physical boxes. Our entire Solaris infrastructure is now designed to run on a single server occupying one unit of rack space thanks to HighVail. Behind-the-scenes, we’ve had some very notable performance improvements on the systems that we migrated to the new equipment.

J.B. Manager of IT Infrastructure, Empire Life

Thank you for always being available when we have an emergency. Thank you for being available to bounce ideas off you. But most important… thank you for being a true partner. I truly appreciate you James and Todd!

J.F. V.P. IT & Supply Chain Solutions, Accuristix

Thanks to Nenad and his team, key milestones have been achieved within the DevOps space and Automation. Now we are able to shift to a digital enterprise way of working and innovate for the future while maintaining a focus on continuous improvement.

Major Canadian Financial Services & Insurance Provider

The HighVail solution was seamless. They are very easy to work with and get a hold of. HighVail helped us manage all of the subscriptions. Their experts helped with knowledge transfer and configuration of all components. For that we are thankful!

D.S. Director of IT, Pioneer Energy

The 5-year strategic plan for the college incorporates a technical strategy to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the IT infrastructure to support instructional programs while protecting sensitive data and adherence to our compliance policies. Containerizing Banner ensures we’re in-line with strategy and provides the added benefit of freeing up resources to focus on other strategic initiatives.

M.U. ERP Platform Architect, Aims Community College

The entire HighVail team were great to work with while providing critical and proactive insights for a client’s newly built AWS application, significantly reducing both our and the client’s risk. We’ve worked with many partners, and HighVail are some of the best – highly recommended.

T.J. Founder and CEO, IOSecure

I am one of the lucky ones that got the chance to attend the HighVail Training in the last spot. The training was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. Nenad has done a wonderful job and I appreciate his efforts. I would love to attend future training organized or featured by you!

Major Canadian Financial Services & Insurance Provider

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Our methodology centres around the importance of learning and providing knowledge support to help stakeholders get the most out of their IT solution. Our team of experts transfer insights in a way that encourages comprehension for everyone involved, which sets us apart.

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