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Who We Are

HighVail Leads, Supports & Enables Organizations as We Drive IT Innovation

Our Mission

HighVail is a services-led organization that takes a modern approach to how applications are deployed, managed, and the infrastructure they run on. Our focus is on simplifying the transition to new technologies. We architect, integrate and automate hybrid infrastructures – enhancing the utility of existing technology and delivering advice for modern solutions. With roots in IT infrastructure, DevOps and Open Source, we support our clients as they navigate through the complexities of modernization, capitalizing on the value captured by transformation.
Since 2003, we approach innovation as an ongoing, sustainable and strategic commitment that drives industry leadership through exceptional customer experiences. At HighVail, our relentless focus on enabling IT advancement and the cumulative benefits that progress delivers is what drives us. Enhanced organizational agility and accelerated time to value are two results that provide measurable returns on your investments. 100% customer satisfaction is our commitment to you.

We provide highly skilled customer service and support direct from our headquarters in the heart of Toronto, Canada.

HighVail has since maintained a spirited culture that is rooted in respect for individuals and the notion of community, which is demonstrated by our commitment to Open Source technology.

Our Values

What makes HighVail unique is our ideologies surrounding the important value in learning, as well as providing knowledge support to ensure stakeholders can learn how to get the most out of their IT solution.
We’re invested in your success, turning technology needs into tangible, value-added, business-driven outcomes. HighVail is in your corner, and committed to supporting your IT experience every step of the way.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

    All of us at HighVail handle our day to day duties as if it were our own company. We rely on the collective to drive our strategy and direction and always see the value in collaborative idea sharing.

  • Commitment to Excellence

    There is an old quote that if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. At HighVail, we love what we do, and take great pride in always giving our best at every single opportunity.

  • Caring for People

    Although we are a small business, we have a lot of heart. We care for people regardless of whether you are a client, partner or employee. You are not just a number to us but a pivotal part of our HighVail foundation.

  • Dependable

    We work as a team and constantly support one another. We all benefit from our combined successes, and our team will not walk away until the job is completed.

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We share an entrepreneurial spirit, supported with a passion for learning and challenging the boundaries of IT. 

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How do we go from manual configuration processes to mass automation adoption and create a modern IT driven organization in the process? The answer is with Red Hat® Ansible®.​