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What are Containers?

Containers are a lightweight software package that contain an application and only the dependencies the application needs to run. They abstract the underlying infrastructure from the application running inside the container while using an open-standard format so they’re portable, and run consistently, anywhere. They can make deploying even the most complex applications a breeze.

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What are the Benefits of Containers?

There are many benefits to running your applications in a containerized format:
• Extreme portability: run your applications consistently, anywhere
• Reduce operating system licensing and maintenance costs
• Reduce the security attack surface associated with running applications on an operating system
• Increase application performance when migrating containerized legacy applications to modern platforms
• Increased application density; reduction of hardware requirements
• Enables on-ramp to hybrid cloud
• Reduce cloud costs; containers are lighter weight than VMs
• Eliminate vendor lock-in through standardized container format
• Infrastructure-as-Code; codify your application deployments
• Building block to a DevOps future

What Is Orchestration?

Orchestration is the container management layer that's generally required when more than a handful of containers are involved. As part of the container platform, orchestrators like Kubernetes or Swarm ensure that the environment is healthy and that policies are adhered to.

What are the Benefits of Orchestration?
The primary benefits with using orchestration to manage container deployments are:
• Containers policy definitions and mangement
• Deploy multiple instances of the same container image 
• Perform auto-scaling
• Leverage load balancing across containers
• Upgrade containers running an older version of your application, intelligently and without disruption
• Orchestrators like Kubernetes are extensible using 3rd party add-ons
• Deploy, complex, multi-service, multi-tier applications with ease

Let Us Containerize That For You

HighVail has been working with container technology for the past 16 years. We started our container journey way back in 2004 when Sun Microsystems introduced Zones into the Solaris 10 operating system. Fast-forward to today and we're still doing interesting things with next generation, modern container platforms and technology. Containerizing new and existing applications, regardless of where they run, is what we do well. And when coupled with orchestration and automation, the benefits are limitless!