Container QuickStart


Not sure where to begin? Start small.
In less than 30 days you’ll experience what’s possible.


The Container Quickstart is designed for customers who are new to container technology. It provides a low-risk opportunity to experience the revolutionary approach to how applications are packaged and run, consistently, regardless of where they reside.
30 Day Engagement

During Our 30-Day Engagement, HighVail Will:

  • Build an enterprise-class, highly available container platform
  • Containerize up to 3 of your applications
  • Significantly streamline the application update and deployment process
  • Provide on-going knowledge transfer to your team throughout the engagement
  • Work with your team to validate the containerized applications functionality
  • Provide a Proof of Value report, capturing business benefits, cost reductions & efficiency gains


Get started today with our Container Proof-of-Value Quick Start Service
A short-term engagement with our experts who will work with you to identify valid candidates to deliver containerized applications. At the close of the engagement, you’ll receive a metrics-based proof-of-value report and directional guidance from our delivery experts. This report will provide you with the basis to create an internal justification outlining the benefits & business outcomes of utilizing containers as part of your application and infrastructure transformation initiatives.
All engagements follow the methodology below and include a kick-off meeting, touch points, & a close-off meeting upon completion:
  • Identify all Banner applications that are currently deployed
  • Implement a robust and highly available container platform where identified Banner applications will run
  • Containerize Banner applications using base containers images
  • Deploy containerized Banner applications onto the container platform and create deployment policies
  • Work with the application team(s) to test and validate application functionality

To learn more, download our Container Quickstart Brief by clicking the link below.

Connect with us to get started, and schedule a discovery session.