Reflecting Upon 20 Years Twenty years ago today, the name HighVail Systems Inc. was incorporated, and our company began operating from the dining room table at our home in Thornhill, Ontario. My cellphone was our main line, and I used … Read More

With all the press and buzz in the market around security breaches, data leaks and general privacy concerns, we thought it appropriate and timely to give a little background as to why these seem to occur so often. Since we’re not a security focussed firm, but rather a business that focusses on DevOps and DevSecOps, we decided to approach the topic from that perspective. Having said that, we feel the real questions are how do these leaks, flaws and breaches actually happen? Why do we care, and how do we stop them? … Read More

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Reflecting on the life of HighVail, I can only feel pride in the legacy that we’ve created and nurtured over the last 18 years. And much of that life and legacy has been driven by our ability to persevere in the face of the many changes and challenges that have served to shape the individuals and company that we are. … Read More

“Late last year, Red Hat announced it will drop downstream CentOS Linux at the end of 2021 for CentOS Stream. For many, this came as a shock as back in July of 2019, Red Hat confirmed that they would support the CentOS roadmap, which has a stated EOL date of 2029.” … Read More