Workload Migration Program

Workload Migration

Reduce Data Storage Costs with Veritas NetBackup Running on AWS Cloud

HighVail has partnered with AWS and Veritas to deliver consulting services to migrate workloads to AWS.  Together we are helping our customers achieve their business goals and accelerate their cloud journey.
Veritas is a participant in AWS Workload Migration Program (WMP). Through this partnership customers can reduce data storage costs with Veritas NetBackup running on AWS. With migration to AWS cloud, customers can leverage integrated cloud-based data protection and orchestrated disaster recovery with the inclusion of CloudPoint and Veritas Resiliency Platform


Accelerate Your Migration Journey of Data & Workloads to AWS with Veritas Solutions

Valuable features unlocked with running NetBackup on AWS include Automated DR for Oracle, MS SQL Server, Near Zero RPO with Veritas Resiliency Platform and support for Amazon S3 Glacier deep archive. Veritas on AWS ensures your data is highly available and provides savings over storing data in data center and/or managing the tape backup archival process.

Business Benefits

What are the Benefits?

Backup & long-term retention for AWS

Veritas is known for data protection and backup solutions, and continues to lead in the data protection space. Products like NetBackup and Backup Exec make data protection and long-term data retention seamless across all your environments, whether physical, virtual, or in AWS’s Cloud.

High availability and disaster recovery to AWS

We understand that not all applications are created equal, and there could be some trepidation about moving business critical applications to the cloud. Veritas Infoscale gives you a single approach to architect business uptime for your mission critical applications. Address all high availability and disaster recovery scenarios with an application aware solution across physical, virtual, and AWS instances.

Use Cases

Veritas Use Cases with WMP

Protect and migrate data from on prem to Amazon S3/Glacier from existing Veritas Customers via NetBackup 8.3. Veritas NetBackup v7.7 or greater.
Migrate on-prem VM workloads for existing Veritas customers to VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) using Veritas Resiliency Platform. Migration will include storage (VSAN to EBS/S3) as well as actual VM workload to VMC.

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"The entire HighVail team were great to work with while providing critical and proactive insights for a client’s newly built AWS application, significantly reducing both our and the client’s risk. We’ve worked with many partners, and HighVail are some of the best – highly recommended."
Tom Jacoby
Founder & CEO, IOSecure

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Why HighVail, Veritas & AWS?

Our partnership with Veritas and AWS unlocks valuable workload migration features. Veritas’ membership in AWS Workload Migration Program opens additional technical enablement and go-to-market benefits. Get cloud credits, technical resources, and migration tools to migrate with confidence with HighVail, Veritas and AWS.