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Our state-of-the-art Training Room supports Docker Training services, and so much more.

Here is an extended list of knowledge and methods which apply to Docker technology our Certified Trainers are ready to teach you about:

Container Technology
– Docker concepts (existing container platform)
– Docker Swarm theory (Docker orchestration)
– cri-o concepts (future container platform)
– Kubernetes theory (All other’s orchestration)
– Container Images, how they are created and used for applications and services
– Application creation and tuning for container based deployment
– Container storage and networking concerns

– DevOps methodology and best practices
– DevOps components (
– CI Server: Jenkins/Atlassian/Bamboo etc.
– Project management: Maven/Ant/Buildr
– Source revision control: Git/Bitbucket/SourceForge
– Logging: Logstash/Splunk
– Provisioning: Ansible/Puppet/Chef – Terraform

– OpenStack (RDO/
– Rancher (Container platform)
– Linux (SuSE/Ubuntu)
– Linux security
– Ansible best practices

– Linux Scripting (BASH, Python, golang etc.)
– Windows Scripting (PowerShell)

We can come to you!

If you are in need of custom training – on anything from Docker, to CICD Pipelines, Kubernetes, Day 2 Ops, and more — we can work with your needs.

HighVail offers custom workshops and training on a variety of topics and technologies across Canada and major US cities.

Please provide us with your specified training requests, and a HighVail associate will be happy to assist you in booking a session.

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