Top 5 IT Trends of 2014

Jan 14, 2015

Every single day, we operate our lives around technology. It may not even be the first realization in our mind, but it’s almost as if technology has become a basic necessity for mankind. Using our phones, going online, using data storage, and so much more; they are all contributory to the ebb and flow of our lives!

That being said, in the business world of IT (information technology), there are always new thoughts and ideas trending. Regular people may not realize either, but the affects of the business world surrounding us are what we tap into ourselves. Apps, for instance, are a huge corporate industry that we use every single day.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 IT trends HighVail picked, that are presently significant this year!

 1. Apps & Mobile Apps

Wasn’t it obvious that this would be the top IT trend? Even though apps have been at the helm of the technological world for a few years now, they get more important every single day. Apps help us keep connected to our friends, news, to play games, edit pictures, share and access data, and so much more. They are the present and future of technology, and they will only get better with age!

2. Smart Machines

Pretty much as cliché as the title, Smart Machines are an idea of the future, but are becoming a reality. They are essentially machines of any shape and size that are meant to assist humans in pretty much anything technologically possible. One of the first instances could be voice-to-talk, or Siri on the iPhone!

3. Crowdsourcing

Social media and the Internet are a huge part of digital media today. With the use of social networks to promote and extend your self, brand or business out to the World Wide Web, others can give their input and opinion directly to you. For example, millions of people have felt the urge to put out personal videos on YouTube for the world to see, without the idea of making money in mind. This has greatly contributed to the network of YouTubers, who build an online network of viewers and friends, and even now make money. There’s a huge future in free talent and work!

4. Data Security

With the importance of easy access to data today, we need to know that it is also easy for others to access our personal data without the right precautions. In data storage, the use of proper security is crucial in order to make sure adversaries don’t steal your documents and information. This can be implemented if technology is built to withstand failure, and manufacturers are catching on, as well as making sure security is high. So you can take a sigh of relief, as you need not worry much longer!

 5. Cloud Computing

As mentioned several other times in our blog posts, the use of the Cloud is highly important today. Many different companies offer different services for Cloud Computing, as well as your own personal servers can be created into Cloud storage. With the ease of accessing your data anywhere in the world, on your computer, tablet, or phone, the Cloud is truly the way of the future! It is essentially just an extension of physical data storage, blended with the instant-ness of the Internet!

What did you think about these top 5 trends in the IT world? Did these resonate as important in your mind, and to your business? Let us know if you have any other trends you feel are important!

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