The Benefits of Server Virtualization

Jan 14, 2015

At HighVail, one of our main goals is to provide the utmost assistance to customers’ in order to make it easier for them to consolidate and organize all of their data. With Server Virtualization, HighVail is able to guarantee that data centres are always available and will operate without any letdowns.

But first you may ask, what exactly is Server Virtualization? Well, in a few simple words, it is essentially the use of one individual server and partitioning it into several virtual subsets. Each of these subsets operates as if they were one single server, making it less hectic when separating certain files and documents.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider getting connected and organized with Server Virtualization.

1) Consolidation

Instead of having to use multiple servers for different purposes, Server Virtualization enables consolidation of several applications and operating systems onto one single server. This improves overall efficiency in organizing files on the system, as well as availability and use of resources stored on your server.

2) Reduced Costs

With the use of Virtualization, HighVail helps clients save up to 70% of IT overhead costs. Rather than clients having to pay for upkeep of technology, the consolidation of resources can truly reduce costs in the long run. The ability to run many more applications on less technology = greater savings!

3) Disaster Recovery

The ability to use the network is one of the main components in Server Virtualization. Without it, you can’t exactly access anything on the main, or each section of the server. When your servers are Virtualized, there are constant snapshots being taken of every moment, so in case the system fails, you can easily get back to work right away. And with the Internet, you can access and fix the system from anywhere!

4) Keeping it Green

This benefit may not exactly be related to the efficiency of Virtualization, but it does definitely pertain to the overall image of your company. Going green is an idea that is considered important today, and reducing your carbon footprint is pretty important in today’s world as well. With Virtualization, you can avoid overusing power and wasting energy, not only benefitting you, but how your consumers see you too.

5) The Cloud

One of the top benefits of Server Virtualization is the use of the Cloud! If you don’t know what the Cloud is, then you’re probably living under a rock, as it is a huge part of data storage today. With use of the Cloud, you can easily send all of your files up in the air, so that anyone who has access to your server can access any file. Depending on what kind of file it is and who you want to see it is up to you, but there is huge value in being able to share files with the use of Server Virtualization and the Cloud!

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