Cloud and Converged Infrastructure


We know there’s a silver lining in cloud technology – and we’re helping our clients find it. Together with converged infrastructure – which brings together and radically simplifies data storage, servers, software and networking equipment – we architect and integrate cost-effective solutions to meet today’s needs and anticipate those of the future.

Why move to the cloud?

First and foremost, mobility demands it. From smartwatches to tablets, business leaders now expect 24/7/365 access to information and applications. Public, private and hybrid clouds are meeting this demand with secure, scalable and dynamic infrastructures.

By decoupling information from physical devices, the cloud in its many forms brings together the people, processes and systems that make an organization successful. Transforming to cloud based technology can provide a more cost-effective, efficient and automated approach to delivering applications.

The Challenges

We recognize that the journey to the cloud can present complex challenges. Subject to internal buy-in, privacy and security concerns, legislation and compliance requirements, building consensus can be an uphill battle. Once leadership is on board, you’re faced with migrating data and applications as well as ensuring that virtualized resources are dynamically provisioned, on demand.

HighVail’s data center and cloud consulting professionals possess the skills and qualifications to work with your business and IT staff to help formulate a strategy enabling you to harness the potential of the cloud. From target to end-state, we can work with you to build a cloud infrastructure that provides the agility your business needs to thrive. Using converged infrastructure and orchestration tools, you can seamlessly deliver platform, application and content services anywhere and anytime.

Why consider a converged infrastructure?

Simplicity almost always trumps complexity. A preconfigured system from one or more vendors can be an optimal solution to streamline your data centre infrastructure management.

Similar to how cloud technology is breaking down barriers to information access, converging software with servers, storage and networking is redefining IT infrastructure.


From target to end-state, we can work with you to build a cloud infrastructure that provides the agility your business needs to thrive. By integrating products, a converged infrastructure includes more built-in automation as well as better overall performance from day one. In addition to being preconfigured and pretested, support is typically simplified under a single agreement with a single point of contact.

Scalable and cost-efficient, a converged infrastructure can help to speed up the delivery of services to users, improve security and simplify management.