Lifecycle Management

Change is the only constant you face. With users constantly seeking new devices, applications and business software solutions, keeping pace while juggling limited resources and tight IT budgets is a tricky balancing act. With a managed solution, you can tap into financial capacity on demand and deploy data center resources to internal and/or external clients who only pay for resources as they are used.

HighVail’s managed programs can encompass hardware, software, professional services, integration costs as well as manufacturer support – they are a centralized solution for efficient and effective data center infrastructure management.

How does a managed program work?

First and foremost, it shifts the sources of new funding to business units or external clients – effectively addressing the “who’s going to pay for this” question. With IT freed from funding shared infrastructures – end users are able to use and grow their environments on demand. The business line has standardized and predictable costs as well as an itemized menu from which to order new resources.

Within hours of approvals, users can access datacenter resources. High availability features are built into the environment so end users do not opt out, reducing administration and management pressures on IT staff. A managed program can also provide a solid financial foundation for internal private clouds, shared infrastructures and self-provisioning.

With a HighVail managed solution, you’ll spend less time capacity planning and effectively shorten the procurement cycle. It typically takes weeks and sometimes months to move from architecture to production – a huge time cost for today’s business users. With a managed program, the time it takes to provision the resources is the only time required.

In a business continuity situation, you’ll be able to access excess capacity during an emergency or for a short duration at no additional cost.  Additional capacity is added in bulk, helping to reduce the number of times systems need to be accessed and lessen operational risk.

A managed program can also be pre-programmed to refresh your infrastructure. Avoid impacting IT budgets – which are subject to change – by including provisions for environment refresh. Highly available and resilient shared infrastructures also reduce the need for business units to individually assess technology, architecture or design tactics.

Worth considering: a HighVail managed program

We’re a market leader in delivering IT infrastructure, not a leasing company. As experts in virtual shared infrastructures, we have multi-vendor integration capabilities and use industry best practices for your architecture. A HighVail managed program can put your end users in the driver’s seat with on demand, highly available shared infrastructures.

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