Application Modernization

Sofvie's End-User Application for Health & Safety

Since 2019, Sofvie’s mission has been to help others save missteps and minimize the risk of inefficiency and uncertainty in the workplace. Sofvie created a cutting-edge app that helps users proactively get ahead of hazards and potential risks. It provides every level of the organization with access to valuable information exactly when needed, while triggering the collection of data that leads the next steps towards a Zero Harm workplace.


Download the Case Study

Download the full case study to see how we were able to get Sofvie’s client updates from hours to seconds.

Sofvie’s client updates were condensed from hours to mere seconds.

Business Challenges & Goals

Improve reliability, availability, and scalability of the infrastructure, avoiding technology or vendor lock-in.

Automate as much as possible, improving workflows and overall app lifecycle management.

Improve and optimize client integrations, assuring any unique Day-2 operational requirements are addressed.

Fully enable the team with the required knowledge to be self-sufficient.

A HighVail Modernization

HighVail’s proposed modernization strategy was delivered through a phased approach, utilizing both a project-based engagement methodology to address the main core effort and to accelerate the initiative early on. HighVail’s DevOps-as-a-Service (DaaS) managed service offering was used as a transition from project-based work to an on-demand model to provide on-going assistance, maintenance and support, serving as a continued extension of the Sofvie team.

The Phased Approach

Existing Monolithic Application

Modernize Core Infrastructure

Containerize Application Components

Apply Modern DevOps Methodologies

Continuous Improvement & Support

Start Your Modernization

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