Build and run faster apps with the world’s leading real-time data platform.

Businesses are more digital today than ever before. They need to build, deploy and run real-time services in order to stay ahead of the curve. The notion of real-time is not just a nice-to-have anymore. It’s an expectation. It is what sets a merely good user experience apart from a great one. A real-time data layer is a critical enabler in creating those real-time experiences.

Redis makes apps faster, by creating a data layer for a real-time world. We are the driving force behind Open-Source Redis, the world’s most loved in-memory database, and commercial provider of Redis Enterprise, a real-time data platform.

Empowering dreamers to build real-time apps

Real-time data. Any scale. Anywhere.

  • Simple, less code

    Loved by developers everywhere

  • Performance at scale

    <1ms database response time. Supports millions of ops per second.

  • Built-in durability

    Multiple persistence options on both primary and replica shards.

  • Server DBaaS

    Automated elastic scaling allowing you to focus on development, not cluster management.

  • Consistent global data at low latency

    Maintain sub-millisecond data no matter where it’s deployed with Active-Active Geo-Distribution.

  • Flexible deployments

    Deploy on any cloud, hybrid, or multicloud architecture.

  • Cost effective

    Save up to 70% on your infrastructure costs with Redis on Flash.

Take control of your data with Redis Enterprise Software

The most feature-complete, enterprise-grade Redis

Deploy and run real-time applications with full control over your data. Redis Enterprise Software is a self-managed data platform that unlocks the full potential of Redis at enterprise scale. The speed you know and love with the compliance, reliability, and unmatched resiliency for modern enterprises.

Flexible and secure deployment options

Hybrid Cloud




Get Started for Free

Start today for free with Redis Enterprise Cloud Essentials or Redis Enterprise Software 6.4.2.

HighVail Cloud Services

We’re here to help you build and maintain protected, repeatable, and scalable environments regardless of chosen cloud provider.

Data Management

At HighVail, we ensure that our customers have a cloud strategy that supports high availability, performance and flexibility and gets you through Day 2.

Hybrid Cloud

The cloud is no longer a mysterious concept. Most businesses have decided to use the cloud in one way or another; usually starting with a “lift and shift” of applications, but will often stall when trying to figure out what happens on day two. 

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