Mastering Ansible and Tower


Mastering Ansible and Tower

3 day course

Course Outline
At the end of training, attendees will understand how Ansible playbooks are written and how Ansible Tower operates – providing a concrete foundation to design and implement automation and orchestration – leading to overall benefits for the employee and the organization.

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Our program leverages the pedagogical approach of learning by doing, through extensive hands-on enterprise-focused scenarios and practical examples.

This three-day course is designed for students to learn and adapt to the highdemand technology automation platform Ansible. Students will learn how to use Ansible, Ansible modules, and Tower and bring them together, on one piece, to achieve the goal of automation.

This course will be particularly interesting for IT enthusiasts who belong to a diversified spectrum or domain, and want to: reduce manual work, automate processes and work flow for consistency, bring various teams and groups onto a common platform, automate monotonous work and invest time in smart work, and learn to design and orchestrate complex work efforts into a playbook to save time and costs.

The course is intended as an onboarding to the Ansible Automation language and Ansible Tower.

    By the end of the course, successful learners will understand:

  • Ansible syntax and programming
  • The practical implementation of Ansible playbook designed for Automation
  • Basics of Ansible Tower Administration
  • How to write a playbook designed to run inside of Ansible Tower
  • How to use Ansible modules and vendor-provided Ansible modules inside a playbook
  • How to use Role-based access delegation in Ansible Tower for job execution
  • How to integrate with cloud, Red Hat Satellite, and other platforms to have a unique, yet automated infrastructure


    Day 1

  • Automation for Everyone – Introduction to Ansible Automation
  • Introduction to Playbooks
  • Introduction to Ansible Tower
  • Automation for Everyone – Ansible Tower
  • Ansible Facts and Modules
  • Ansible playbook designing best practices
    Day 2

  • Automation for Everyone – Ansible coding
  • Ansible Tower, including bash scripting vs. Playbooks syntax, and understanding Teams, roles and associated permissions inside Ansible Tower
  • Automation for Everyone – Ansible Tower, including Ansible Tower Work Flow editor for pipeline and CI/CD
  • Ansible Tower & playbooks , including use of Shell, Script, Command modules
  • Ansible Tower & playbooks, including use of System Modules and Security Modules
    Day 3

  • Automation for Everyone – Ansible Tower, including introduction to Ansible Tower CLI, and introduction to Ansible Tower API to Tower job management, from a Tower user perspective
  • Ansible Tower & playbooks – including use of Ansible Tower Smart Inventories with Ansible facts
  • Ansible Tower & playbooks – including introduction to Notification templates inside Ansible Tower
  • Ansible Tower Integrations

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