DevOps-as-a-Service Preferred Client


DevOps-as-a-Service Preferred Client



Free discovery assessment will consist of:

  • Current infrastructure and/or application state
  • Existing tooling and processes
  • Technical assistance requirements
  • Collaboration preferences, process and culture
  • Overall goals and objectives

Hours can be used towards:

  • Designing, architecting and deploying new infrastructure (virtual, physical and “as code”) and application platforms
  • Maintaining and managing your existing infrastructure, application platforms and pipelines
  • Streamline tooling, workflow processes and application upgrades/deployments (e.g. CI/CD, automation, etc.) while documenting along the way
  • Container orchestration (Kubernetes, Swarm, etc.) and policy management
  • Containerization of new or existing applications
  • Automation of everything
  • Configuration management
  • Training & enablement
  • Advisory assistance
  •  Troubleshooting and technical support
  • Day 2 operations & beyond


Terms & Conditions

Services will be consumed on Time and Material (T&M) basis from a pool of pre-paid hours. The minimum allocation of time will be based on the selected Support Tier and Coverage. Additional time can be purchased as required on a T&M basis. HighVail DevOps as a Service will be renewed on monthly, quarterly or annual basis with monthly recurring invoicing for the duration of the commitment until cancelled by the Customer. Once enrolled in HighVail DevOps as a Service, Customer may modify, or cancel by providing a minimum of thirty (30) days written notice prior to the end of the Commitment Term.  HighVail Standard Terms for Services and Conditions of Sale apply.

Savings applied for subscriptions:

Quarterly (save $100/month)
Annual (save $200/month)  
Rates are based on a schedule of Monday to Friday (8am-6pm) EST. Any support provided outside these hours will be charged at a 1.5x rate per hour.

Trial Period:

During the Initial Commitment Term (Monthly – First 30 days; Quarterly – First 90 days; Annually – First 365 days), Customer can cancel at any time; upon cancellation HighVail will refund all unused time in full.

Additional information


Monthly ($3000/month), Quarterly ($2900/month), Annually ($2800/month)


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