How Does Social Media Affect the IT Professional?

Dec 9, 2015

Ten years ago, if you were to ask the average person what they thought of social media, chances are they wouldn’t have the slightest clue as to what you were talking about. Facebook was launched in 2004, but didn’t begin to accept users other than students and corporation employees until the latter half of 2006; today, Facebook has over one billion daily users, and has a net worth of over $300 billion USD. Social media has grown to exponential heights over the past decade, and is now a key asset for most businesses to succeed and generate profit. We know how social media affects the business world in general—but what about how social media affects the IT professional?

It’s known that businesses need to evolve, lest they get left behind in the wake of their competitors. The introduction of new technologies has, throughout history, dramatically changed the course of the business world; think of how, even five years ago, meetings were generally only ever held in person or over the phone. Today, video conferencing has become commonplace, enabling professionals to conduct a higher level of business, often at a faster pace; businesses that once only dreamed of collaborating with other companies overseas are able to do so over free and easily accessible applications and services such as Skype and FaceTime. The emergence of social media platforms has had just as dramatic of an impact, and at an extremely rapid rate. Start-ups run by only one or two people are able to earn millions in profit if they market their product correctly over the internet—often from the comfort of their own homes.

Nowadays, profiles on websites such as LinkedIn are considered essential for all professionals, regardless of their field of work. Search engine optimization is key if you want your products to have a large reach; most people aren’t likely to scroll past the first two or so pages of Google to find the results they want, so having your website on the first or second page of a search ensures that your business is getting seen. Communication between businesses and consumers using social media drums up enthusiasm, along with data that can be used to make informed decisions regarding your business. Oftentimes the IT and marketing sectors of a company will collaborate in order to set up mechanisms that provide data to use in future campaigns and efforts.

IT professionals can be heavily involved with both the creation and execution of social media campaigns, along with the management of data systems and web-based platforms. IT professionals are involved in the creation and maintenance of a company’s computing systems; in regards to social media, this can ensure that internet marketing campaigns run smoothly and achieve their sought results. IT professionals are there to make sure that a consumer’s web experience is consistent; the usage of social media enables those working in IT to collect data and analytics in order to make sure that the user has the best experience possible. This means adding new features to websites, or working with marketing departments to conceive the most effective advertising strategies, etc. IT professionals may also use social media for their own promotion and interaction: oftentimes, information will be taken from tech-focused websites and shared across social media platforms, spreading news and other information that is considered to be both relevant and noteworthy.

It’s hard to predict where the world of social media will be in the next few years. Social media has already evolved at such a rapid rate in its short time of existing; with innovation occurring each day, along with new technologies and ways to connect emerging constantly, social media has established its power in the world by becoming essential in nearly all aspects of business. Using social media for promotion is now key to being successful; direct connections are easier to establish, and achieving a large outreach can, in many cases, solely rely on the usage of social media platforms. By combining information technology and social media, new information and data can be constantly obtained, leading to effective campaigns and interaction, along with satisfied consumers. Social media has proven its place in the IT world—but it is up to IT professionals to utilize it for growth and success.

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Written by Adina Brodkin,
Custom Content Writer, Highvail Systems Inc.