HighVail: Who Are We?

Jan 14, 2015

Upon clicking on this introductory blog post, some of you may ask yourselves “Who and what is this HighVail?” while others may ask, “What is this blog?” Well, here we are, ready to introduce you to the foundation of who and what HighVail is, and why we have started this blog.

First thing’s first, HighVail Systems is a Canadian-based information technology (IT) enterprise, founded on the idea of “High Availability” for its clients. Since its establishment in 2003, HighVail has continued to grow each year with more knowledge, skill and passion in getting the most out of modern and future IT, through our team, partners, products and services.

Specializing in IT infrastructure solutions for clients, HighVail offers the capacity to link together modern data centre infrastructure, storage, server and virtualization technologies from multiple vendors, and much more. With these skills, we aim to always deliver cohesive solutions for the core needs of every client we work with.

In the HighVail Systems’ blog, we want to introduce you, the readers, to the main areas that we offer expertise in, as well as other areas of technology that may be of interest to current, as well as prospective clients. Not only will we be blogging about topics related to our business and yours, but we will also be posting about matters in the community and media that are of interest to those who are open minded to the world of commerce, technology and other compelling and entertaining topics!

That being said, we want to address our core values and mission statement in a few simple, yet enticing sentences. HighVail aims to tackle the exclusive technology infrastructure needs of each client by embracing a vendor-neutral method that focuses on trust, honesty, integrity, reliability and accountability.

Our core values are built into our company’s DNA, and guide our mission to always help customers in achieving tangible benefits from the solutions we provide, as well as empower them to be efficient while doing more with less. HighVail delivers innovative, high quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions, which align with our client’s strategies and priorities. We make sure to provide trustworthy and safe solutions that can only benefit our customers and offer exemplary return on investment.

All that being said, our people are the heart and soul of the business. They are dedicated to provide the expertise and possess the natural talent of caring for each and every client’s interests. We invest the time upfront to understand all of our client’s needs, allowing HighVail to deliver the most value amongst our competitors, and our name has been branched over that thought.

For more information head to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/highvail