HighVail has achieved Red Hat Automation Specialty with Ansible

Feb 23, 2017

Many customers have come to rely on Red Hat for their IT infrastructure. With Ansible, you can supercharge your Red Hat deployment, bringing Ansible’s simple IT automation to all aspects of your business. Whether it’s hooking into Red Hat Satellite to provision and configure your systems with Ansible, using Ansible and Ansible Tower to deploy your applications to OpenShift, or using Ansible’s simple automation to deploy, manage, and upgrade your OpenStack cloud, Ansible and Tower work seamlessly in a Red Hat Enterprise environment to streamline your IT operations and cut your IT costs.


Management / Satellite

  • Deploy satellite agents to servers
  • Unify post-build systems management
  • Manage server channel subscriptions
  • Ease migration between satellite infrastructures
  • Unify disparate update and management infrastructures


Middleware / JBOSS

  • Deploy JBOSS products across disparate infrastructures
  • Centrally manage JBOSS configurations
  • Deploy and manage JBOSS applications
  • Discover JBOSS versions and reconcile subscriptions


Infrastructure / RHEL

  • Existing environment baselining and management
  • System deployment, configuration, and management
  • Orchestrate complex environment standups
  • Discover Red Hat Enterprise (RHEL) versions and reconcile subscriptions


Cloud / OpenShift

  • Manage software development lifecycle for applications deployed into OpenShift
  • Deploy applications into OpenShift
  • Deploy and manage OpenShift in an on-prem environment


Cloud / OpenStack

  • Deploy and manage OpenStack infrastructure
  • Deploy and manage OpenStack instances


Cloud / CloudForms

  • Existing system and environment integration
  • Ongoing environment and system updating and management
  • Complex multi-tiered deployments


 About HighVail

HighVail’s focus is simplifying the transition to new technology. We architect, integrate and evolve datacenter infrastructure – enhancing the utility of existing technology and delivering advice for new solutions. We lead with a DevOps strategy.  We focus to facilitate digital transformation through IT modernization in order to enable our customers to innovate, differentiate and accelerate their time to value.  For HighVail leading with a DevOps means leveraging modern IT Converged and Hyper-Converged Architectures, Container Platforms, Automation, Open Source, Software Defined, and Cloud across the entire IT pipeline to provide operational insight and business agility.

As a full-service technology enabler and as a trusted advisor, we listen with care, provide perspective and apply best practices to multi-vendor environments.

HighVail has been in business since 2003.  Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, our culture is focused on integrity, trust, creativity, advocacy and, most importantly, client satisfaction.  More than just a team, we are a closely-knit family of professionals who are passionate about delivering advice that empowers and technology that enables.


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Leanna Hefter
Manager of Marketing & Communications, HighVail 416-867-3000 x 260 lhefter@HighVail.com