Enterprise Application Containerization

Enterprise Application Containerization

Reduce Maintenance Complexity by Containerizing Enterprise Applications

We can help reduce your deployment from days to minutes.

There’s been a lot of talk in the last few years about ‘digitization’ and ‘IT transformation’ as enterprises look for ways to stay relevant and competitive, serve their customers and stakeholders, and align to a leadership-driven IT mandate. Some have set-off on a course to modernize by adopting a DevOps methodology. Not without it’s challenges, DevOps provides processes and policies wrapped in cultural change directed at development and operations teams. A critical component of this methodology is the use of containers where applications are built, housed, enhanced, accelerated, tested and launched iteratively and at high velocity.

Great! But what about the current legacy environment?

Home-grown applications, unsupported operating systems, ancient hardware, multiple data centers, private clouds, public clouds make up the IT footprint and developing a strategy to modernize this seems daunting. But it doesn’t need to be. Containerizing applications solves many legacy IT challenges and there’s no need to adopt a holistic DevOps strategy to reap the benefits.

Why Containerize Enterprise Applications?

Containers, while not new, are gaining popularity as organizations of all types focus on optimizing their enterprise applications to streamline the deployment process, enhance security, reduce complex management and maintenance activities and ensure application availability while reducing costs.

There is a light at the end of your maintenance tunnel.

What Does This Mean for Enterprises?

The Enterprise Containerization offering provides expert assistance in containerizing instances that are running applications, without modification and then deploying them on an enterprise-grade container platform. This helps organizations solve reoccurring challenges such as:
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Container QuickStart

Get started today with our Container QuickStart Service. A short-term engagement with our experts who will work with you to identify candidates and deliver containerized applications. At the close of the engagement, you’ll receive a metrics-based proof-of-value report and directional guidance from our delivery experts which can be the basis for your go-forward planning.
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