Automate Vulnerability Detection to Enable DevSecOps to Deliver Digital Services Faster

DevOps isn’t just about development and operations teams. If you want to take full advantage of the agility and responsiveness of a DevOps approach, IT security must also play an integrated role in the full life cycle of your apps.
Why? In the past, the role of security was isolated to a specific team in the final stage of development. That wasn’t as problematic when development cycles lasted months or even years, but those days are over. Effective DevOps ensures rapid and frequent development cycles (sometimes weeks or days), but outdated security practices can undo even the most efficient DevOps initiatives.

The Benefits of Automating Security

In addition to making jobs easier across development, security, and operations, automated security testing will help your team produce a safer and better-quality end result.
  • Proactive Security Intervention

    By placing security earlier in the development life cycle, threats and vulnerabilities can be detected and addressed faster – hopefully before there’s even a chance that they’re exposed.

  • Streamlined Vulnerability Triage

    Automated scan reports can present the threat level of any vulnerability so that developers and security engineers alike can decide which must be addressed immediately and who is responsible for resolving the problem.

  • Reduced Human Error

    Across all functions, automation reduces human error by taking the manual work out of tedious processes that rely on excessive attention to detail.

  • Repeatable Security Checks

    Any automated task should be repeatable, which means that all code can be reviewed and assessed the same way every time. This creates a trusted and secure environment and code base, and also helps reviewers identify patterns when results are presented in a consistent manner.

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What is DevSecOps?
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Integrate the Management of Security Early On

DevSecOps means thinking about application and infrastructure security from the start. It also means automating some security gates to keep the DevOps workflow from slowing down. Selecting the right tools to continuously integrate security can help meet these goals.


When silos break down, business speeds up – a necessity in today’s world, where change is constant. Delivery needs to be faster, and fixes need to happen quickly. That’s where DevOps comes in.


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