DevOps On Demand

Streamline Your Workflow, Power Up With DevOps Services

Our DevOps-On-Demand Subscription (HV-DOODS) is designed to be an on-demand and easily consumable offering, providing clients with access to highly skilled DevOps engineers. We work as an extension of your team to build, maintain, troubleshoot and automate so that you don’t have to.

A New Era of DevOps

Leverage a team of DevOps experts with a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription, and hours can be used however best suits your business. During your initial commitment term, you can cancel at any time. Upon cancellation, HighVail will refund all unused time in full. Let us take the worry out of DevOps, with absolutely no risk to your business. Regardless of where your organization falls on the DevOps journey, we are ready to help you accelerate your success.

The DevOps Journey

  • Plan

    Our DevOps experts will strategize your possibilities and work to create a success roadmap. We can help with designing, architecting and deploying new infrastructure and application platforms, or manage and maintain your current infrastructure.

  • Code

    At HighVail, we believe in the automation of everything; our team of engineers can help you remove arduous tasks from daily operations to kickstart innovation while leveraging open source tools wherever possible.

  • Build

    By continuously adding or reviewing code changes into a shared repository and running tests, we can proactively minimize and rectify integration issues early on the dev lifecycle.

  • Test

    To ensure your software is working efficiently and as expected we use automated testing to identify any issues in function or security. Software can also be deployed in an Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) staging environment, as it is a core part of a DevOps pipeline, for additional testing.

  • Release

    Once your operations team confirms that the software is ready to be released, it can be built into the actual production environment. This stage is one of the most critical as it is the last chance to iron out any issues after multiple stages for audits, like vulnerabilities and bugs, just before deployment.

  • Deploy

    Finally, the software is ready to be released into production which is visible to the end-user, whether that be employees or customers. Our team of DevOps experts utilize automation tools and processes that have the ability to make new releases more reliable with a drastically smaller outage window.

  • Operate

    With the new release now fully live and being used by the end users, we can help to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Based on the configuration of your hosting service, HighVail experts can optimize your environment to automatically scale to handle elasticity in the number of current active users.

  • Monitor

    Get ready for Day 2 operations! HighVail is here to help you thrive in the future. We specialize in technical support, troubleshooting, and award-winning Training & Enablement engagements to optimize your environment for superior performance and pave the way for the future of your business. Trust us to have your back every step of the way. With HighVail in your corner, anything is achievable.

Download More Information

To learn more , download our DevOps-On-Demand (formerly DaaS) solution brief by filling out the form. Inside you will find:

DevOps Managed Services

Our customizable DevOps managed services provide the ability to develop and deliver software faster and more effectively, which is critical in creating a competitive advantage. Providing value with software often requires a technology transformation, and these transformations necessitate improving key capabilities. Our engagement model includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Infrastructure

    - Designing, architecting and deploying new infrastructure (virtual, physical and "as code") and application platforms.
    - Maintaining and managing your existing infrastructure, application platforms and pipelines.

  • Automation

    - Automation of everything 
    - Configuration management

  • Containers & Platform

    - Container orchestration (Kubernetes, Swarm, etc.) and policy management.
    - Containerization of new or existing applications.

  • Training & Enablement

    - Advisory assistance
    - Troubleshooting & technical support
    - Day 2 Ops & beyond

If there is something you’re looking for that is not captured above, get in touch! Chances are we do it.

Clients have entrusted HighVail with their mission critical applications and infrastructure for over 20 years. Our DevOps-On-Demand Subscription (DOODS) offering leverages our proven industry subject matter expertise, delivered by our team of senior technologists. 

If you are ready for a fast way to get going, we have created a DevOps-On-Demand Subscription (DOODS) Quick Start offering. No sales pitch. No pressure. 


DevSecOps means thinking about application and infrastructure security from the start. It also means automating some security gates to keep the DevOps workflow from slowing down. Selecting the right tools to continuously integrate security can help meet these goals.


Not sure where to begin? Discover recommended quick-win areas to help you get get started in a way that makes the most sense for your business transformation.

Containers & Platform

Containers are a lightweight software package that contain an application and only the dependencies the application needs to run. They can make deploying even the most complex applications a breeze.

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