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When silos break down, business speeds up – a necessity in today’s world, where change is constant. Delivery needs to be faster, and fixes need to happen quickly. That’s where DevOps comes in.

While DevOps as a discipline has only been around for a decade, HighVail has been mastering IT operations and the underlying technology for much longer, evolving from enterprise servers and virtualization to container platforms and automation.

Every organization setting out on the path to DevOps maturity, will have a unique experience. There is no formula for success but when done right, organizations can capture significant value. Regardless of where you are on the path, there are benefits to gain.   
For companies looking for rapid delivery using microservices architecture in place of a monolithic application stack, we are the partner you need to help you transition to your new model. 
For those not so far along the path, we can get you started. Legacy applications, public cloud vendor lock-in, and escalating licensing costs are constant considerations in every organization. And containerizing applications is a great option. Looking to get started but not sure when to begin? We can help with the Application Containerization Quick-Start.