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Financial Services & Insurance Provider Use Cases

A Tier 1 Canadian Bank

Network File System (NFS) Production Migration to NetApp

  • Aging storage infrastructure outages were directly impacting revenue growth and ability to create market risk profiles.
  • Also resulted in penalties and delays in regulatory reporting.
  • HighVail replaced the existing storage with a modern, scalable platform, that incorporated the necessary capacity and performance that matched our business partners’ workload and expectations. 
  • Migrated more than 100 terabytes, 7,000 users and over 150 mission critical application shares.
  • Executed over 21 consecutive weekends.
  • Reduced original timelines by 9 months.
  • Delivered on time, while exceeding our business partners’ expectations.
  • Zero associated defects or outages.

Major Canadian Financial Services & Insurance Provider

Ansible & Automation at Scale for IT Operations

  • The existing Ansible automation processes were only built to address the needs at the time.
  • Parameterization of static facts using YAML files is cumbersome and demanding process that is prone to errors.
  • Maintenance of static sources of truth is time consuming – a whole new job to maintain files.
  • Using our new practice for Data Modelling we have extended Ansible functionality with Python code.
  • Ansible Automation data model now creates successful predictable pattern for pluggable Ansible automation
  • We use existing source of truth to dynamically create static Yaml sources that feed into Configuration management processes
  • Ansible playbook now needs only a few parameters to run while simplifying continuous integration and deployment model. 
  • No more need to statically maintain Yaml facts, as DB is used for sourcing any automation process.
  • Scale IT Ops automation without performance hits and make sure facts used in automation are guaranteed, normalized, standardized and validated before job runs which brings dramatic improvements in CI/CD process.

A Tier 1 Canadian Bank

VMware Modernization

  • Siloed approach and infrastructure inconsistencies throughout the production VMware environment
  • Increased planned and unplanned downtime
  • Inconsistent application performance
  • Slow times to resolution for the LOB
  • Mission critical, tier-1 applications
  • HighVail performed a thorough review of the current environment state and interviewed stakeholders and supporting infrastructure leads
  • Modernized hardware and software platforms
  • Consolidation of three separate legacy IT infrastructures onto one platform.
  • Increased efficiencies and streamlined operations.
  • Eliminated the need for any production application downtime during platform maintenance windows.
  • Providing better application availability and mobility, with more efficient resource utilization better and future ability to scale.

Major Canadian Financial Services & Insurance Provider

OpenShift Environment Configuration

  • Needed expert professional in the field of DevOps, Storage, Middleware, and OpenShift containerization to configure overall OCP environment ecosystem from best practices
  • Resolving accumulated bugs
  • HighVail resolved abnormalities in OCP cluster
  • Provided a self-healing architecture and deployment 
  • Customer recovered from serious bugs and issues, and are now running a healthy OCP cluster handling their mission critical business applications with significantly better resource utilization as well as tightened security.

Empire Life Insurance

Containerizing Critical Servers On-Premise

  • Mission critical systems running on old, end of life and unmaintainable systems.
  • Applications running on these systems were critical to the business function.
  • Application performance was poor due to system environment.
  • Implemented modern hardware and DR policies
  • Containerized critical servers spanning multiple racks in on premise data centre
  • Migrated containers onto single server and replicated to a secondary server at their DR site
  • Facilitated fail-over ensuring application availability
  • Power and cooling savings alone covered the cost of the new modern servers and hardware
  • Massive 3-fold increase in application performance
  • Eliminated multiple single points of failure

Major Canadian Financial Services & Insurance Provider

Terraform & Ansible Automation for Lab Provisioning in AWS

  • Each participant required their own Kubernetes lab cluster that did not conflict with other attendees.
  • If a participant’s lab environment broke down, it would have to be re-provisioned quickly.
  • All Kubernetes cluster members needed to be configured identically.
  • Using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) provider for Terraform, we built a dynamic infrastructure to isolate attendees in their own lab environment.
  • Next, we utilized Ansible to configure all Kubernetes clusters.
  • Utilizing our Kubernetes branded training we on-boarded participants, providing them with their own personalized environment.
  • The client gained the ability to deploy their training environment in AWS using a consistent and repeatable pattern.
  • Created an accelerated enablement experience for the customer.
  • The agile automation templates that were created can be reused or leveraged for other content.

Major Canadian Financial Services & Insurance Provider

DevOps and Automation for IT OPS Curriculum

  • The existing corporate culture largely utilized manual workflow patterns for IT Ops.
  • Knowledge barriers and complex processes created friction in developing an effective Infrastructure-as-Code strategy.
  • The IT Ops centric teams needed to learn new tooling, automation & DevOps methodology.
  • Specific knowledge gaps were identified within the organization and customized content was developed to enable innovation inside IT Ops practices.
  • By taking a holistic approach, we adopted new technology and agile processes for IT Ops.
  • Learn Git, Yaml, Ansible Core, Ansible Tower.
  • Encourage innovation, which is historically a conservative IT segment.
  • Build DevOps driven OPS practice, where teams share and collaborate.

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