Krys Armatys

Chief Operating Officer

Krys has over 20 years of progressive IT experience working with new and emerging technology. Over the course of his career, Krys has been involved in the pursuit of leading digital solutions to enable and solve the challenges associated with end-to-end IT transformation and modernization.

In his current role as COO at HighVail, Krys is responsible for the management and oversight of all technology and business day-to-day operations. Krys’ role is hugely diverse. He is responsible for driving HighVail’s vision, establishing policies that promote company culture and trust, development and growth of the organization, and providing tactical leadership to the team both internally and with external customers.

In addition to being a big picture strategist with an obsession for agile continuous improvement, Krys oversees all service delivery to ensure quality and consistency across the organization.

Krys is extremely enthusiastic and committed to all aspects of his life, not only his work, but also his friends, sport and most importantly his family. He is a devoted husband and father of two young girls, who support, encourage, and motivate him every day.

Advice that empowers clients is what drives Krys. Helping HighVail clients anticipate and react to major changes, and adapt – so they can ensure their organization’s relevance and long-term marketplace success – is a key focus for Krys. With every approach there are trade-offs and, through diligent evaluation of technology solutions, and an agnostic approach Krys’ forward thinking helps HighVail clients make the right decisions.

Krys has a Bachelor of Science, with a major in Computer Science from McGill University. A child of two world class swimmers, and a Polish background, Krys is a triathlete, and sports enthusiast. A strong believer in healthy living Krys is always seeking a balance within the workplace. Krys inspires others to achieve great things in all aspects of their personal, professional and community-based lives.