Krys Armatys

Senior Vice President & CTO

Joining HighVail in 2005, Krys has more than 15 years of progressive experience with new technology. Over the course of his career, Krys has developed and implemented IT solutions for financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, education, retail and non-profit organizations.

Leading design, architecture and implementation of enterprise software solutions, process analysis, as well as refinement and optimization of disaster recovery, business continuity, virtualization and cloud based technology, Krys is an integral member of the HighVail team.

Krys is responsible for creating HighVail’s technical vision, all aspects of technology development and providing tactical leadership to team members. In addition to being a big picture strategist, Krys oversees all deployments and ensures the quality and consistency of day-to-day service delivery. As the external face of HighVail’s platforms and solutions – he’s a new technology evangelist with customers, partners and employees alike.

Krys is extremely enthusiastic and committed to all aspects of his life, not only his work, but also sport and most importantly his family of 3 beautiful girls (Katie, Julia and Maya) who support, encourage his creative side and motivate him every day.
Advice that empowers clients is what drives Krys. Helping HighVail clients anticipate and react to major changes such as cloud based technology – so they can ensure their organization’s relevance and long-term marketplace success – is a key focus for Krys. With every solution there are tradeoffs and, through diligent evaluation of technology solutions, Krys helps HighVail clients make educated decisions.

A certified Storage and High Availability Architect, Krys has a Bachelor of Science, with a major in Computer Science from McGill University. The child of two world class swimmers, Krys is a triathlete, hockey player and extreme sports enthusiast. A strong believer in healthy living and the transformative power of sports, Krys sees how aerobic, individual and team activities support health maintenance as well as balance within the workplace. Encouraging his family, friends, colleagues and neighbours to embrace physical activity, Krys inspires others to achieve great things in all aspects of their personal, professional and community-based lives.

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Krys Armatys

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