Gil Cohen

Director, Employee Experience

Gil has been a phenomenal addition to the HighVail team. His compassion and kindness are some of his values that make it clear how he ended up in his chosen career. Gil did his undergrad in psychology and it became foundational in how Gil sees the work world. He also has an MBA in Organizational Behaviour and Strategic Management from the Schulich School of Business.

In school, when Organizational Behaviour was described as the “Psychology of Work,” Gil realized this was where he wanted to focus his efforts. Gils first role out of school was a research project comparing organizational structures. He learned a lot about the impact of the choices that leaders make and how those decisions affect the entire workplace as a whole. His experience in roles like these have become a fundamental part of Gil’s skills and value.

Gil also worked for 16 years for Strategic Action Group, a boutique consulting firm with a focus on organizational values and behaviours. It was during this time that Gil gained invaluable experience in understanding the ways people work.

Gil is committed to bringing a humanistic approach to the workplace and his motivation comes from improving the employee experience for everyone he meets. Employee experience is defined as every interaction an employee has with the organization from recruiting through their employee life cycle. This is what Gil focuses on and is where his perspective is truly valuable.

A devoted husband as well as father of two young sons, Gil loves playing basketball and video games with his family. Just like with his young sons, Gil inspires others around him to focus on their goals and be the best they can be.