Bradley Brodkin

President & CEO

With three decades of experience in technology, Bradley set an ambitious goal when founding HighVail in May 2003 – to keep clients online, all the time. Under Bradley’s leadership, HighVail quickly grew from a dining room table start-up to a trusted advisor and market leader in Data Centre Infrastructure and Continuous Integration and Deployment using Open Source Software. Through sales roles at several technology companies, Bradley became an expert at matching enterprise software solutions to client needs.

Starting at age 16, his unwavering focus on Customer Satisfaction was first developed under the guidance of his father. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Bradley worked in his dad’s retail store after school, on weekends and eventually full time. Despite being the furthest thing from technology (they sold clothing and footwear), he credits 10 years in the family business as the source for many skills he uses every day at HighVail.

Responsible for setting business direction and senior-level relationship management with clients and partners alike, Bradley is a continuous learner – from both mistakes and successes. He’s particularly proud of a thirteen plus year relationship HighVail fosters with one of its first clients, a top-three Canadian bank.

Bradley is deeply committed to community giving. Individually and through HighVail, he actively supports many philanthropic causes, including The Princess Margaret Cancer Center, The Peter Munk Cardiac Center, Childhood Cancer Ontario, Ronald MacDonald House Toronto, UJA Federation, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Koby Mandell Foundation (of which he’s the current Canadian Chair). A keen advocate for community-based technology development as well as educational initiatives, Bradley actively promotes opportunities for youth to learn to code early.

He’s deeply passionate about work, family (married for 32 years with two children in college) and how technology impacts our daily lives.  He tries not to miss opportunities to hit the golf links or to take in a Raptors game. Bradley earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Concordia University in his hometown of Montreal.