Become an Open Source Expert and Weather the Storm

Apr 30, 2015

Open Source has gradually and consistently continued to exert its control over almost every aspect of IT.  It has emerged as a clear leader for businesses trying to ensure their relevance, competitiveness, and position within the market.  As Open Source adoption continues to grow within every market sector and region across the globe, the need for a cross-domain, comprehensive, multi-skilled ecosystem will be the cornerstone for sustainability and durability in this space.   Driven by this demand, employers are looking to not only expand their workforce with the necessary advanced skills but also with the right partnerships to ensure longevity and success.  Given the wide acceptance and use of a Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) paradigm by market leading technology companies it is clear this metamorphosis has already started to take place over the past several years.

So what does it take to become an Open Source Expert and weather the storm?

First off there needs to be a strong strategic alignment and vision towards Open Source initiatives, while maintaining balance between knowledge growth and profitability.  Although for some this may be a seismic shift ultimately it will vary in size and scope for most.  In all cases will be paramount to recognize the need for an upfront investment and a commitment to consider alternatives to traditional proprietary offerings.

The work environment is equally as important and the transformation will need to be a cultural one.   In order to succeed, change needs to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit, encourage experimentation, and motivate employees to work on and contribute freely to Open Source community projects.  Expertise comes from deep hands-on practical knowledge, and in turn knowledge builds momentum and drives success.  In the rapidly shifting world of IT there is no substitute for experience.

Finally, surviving and thriving independently through a transition towards Open Source can be extremely challenging.  In order to bring it all together, organizations are navigating to understand their strengths and weaknesses and how to leverage external capabilities.  Finding the perfect harmony between internal and external capacity, competence and effectiveness is equally as important.  Strong partnerships and alliances with leading technology companies ( that are recognized as leaders in their respective fields can help you expand your business and meet the needs of your customers.

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Blog by HighVail CTO, Krys Armatys

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