Ansible Automation

Proof of Value Quick Start

Imagine that all of your IT processes are automated using a single tool that everyone in your IT teams can use. If it could automate your entire application life cycle across servers, clouds, containers, and everything in between, what would you have time to do? The possibilities are endless.

From Manual Configuration Processes to Mass Automation Adoption

How do we go from manual configuration processes to mass automation adoption and create a modern IT driven organization in the process? The answer is with Red Hat® Ansible®.

Our Ansible Automation Proof-of-Value QuickStart provides clients with an easy entry to a proven automation practice (for the end-to-end orchestrated hybrid data center). The offering includes expert assistance training your team, deploying the platform as a proof-of-concept (POC) targeted to automate and deploy an initial workflow or processes.

We use Red Hat Ansible Automation and management because it is built on open source technologies so you can proactively deploy, optimize, manage, and secure your applications and infrastructure.

Reduce the amount of time spent on manual processes by up to 80%.

Download the Ansible Automation Quick Start Infosheet

How Does the Quick Start Work?

The Ansible Automation Proof-of-Value QuickStart was driven by customer feedback and provides battle tested benefits to businesses including less time to revenue, reduced costs, and greatly improved productivity and efficiency to optimize potential to remain agile in today’s competitive marketplace.


The process starts with a virtual Discovery Session with one of our HighVail experts. Based on your business goals, we work with you to determine an appropriate automation solution and workflow. 


We strongly believe in learning by doing, so you can get the most out of your IT strategy. HighVail training will be staged in (4) separate sessions for your team throughout the engagement and moves at a pace that ensures everyone is confidently enabled.


We will help you install the Red Hat Ansible Automation software in your environment and provide critical advice on how to configure for optimum performance and ease of use.


The final deliverable is a Proof-of-Value (POV) report that documents the value and viability of the solution, along with the potential business benefits at scale.

Why Start Now?

As a trusted Canadian Red Hat Premier Business Partner for well over a decade, we know that automation is key to a successful IT modernization strategy as it allows for faster scaling and a more efficient workload. Automating repetitive tasks allows teams to be more productive, with significantly less time wasted on menial duties.

Freeing up time provides your team the ability to improve collaboration and innovation; strategies that actually drive the business forward toward new levels of growth. Start growing today by booking a virtual Discovery Session with one of our experts at no cost to you. 

We strive to tackle the most stubborn challenges and have a deep-rooted belief that life is better when difficult things are automated. Let us reduce your manual complexities.

If you are ready for a fast way to get going, we have created a DevOps-as-a-Service Quickstart offering. No sales pitch. No pressure. Use the time at your discretion in the first 30 days, with fully transparent pricing.

Legacy applications, public cloud vendor lock-in, and escalating licensing costs are constant considerations in every organization. Containerizing applications is a great option.

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