Challenges Solved By Automation

Make Life Simple

Creating A Winning Strategy

Identifying The Best Opportunities
for Business Automation

We all know automation can’t replace human creativity, empathy, interpersonal relationships, storytelling, and innovation. In fact, automation transforms how people work together, helping you save time, increase accuracy, and get important insights even faster. So you can make the most of what you should never automate—those irreplaceably human skills that make your workforce engaged and efficient.
Automation opportunities are everywhere, yet new operational challenges expose efficiency and business continuity gaps that need to be addressed quickly. Here are some recommended quick-win areas to help you get get started in a way that makes the most sense for your business transformation.

Potential Challenge:

Workforce Productivity

Enable remote collaboration with cloud-based business operations automation
  • Redesign loan apps
  • Redesign retail delivery apps
  • Redesign payment apps
Ensure secure, compliant remote content access with content services
  • Redact sensitive information when employees work from home
  • Enable employees to work offline and sync later
  • Allow workers to stream video within their automation application
Automate internal processes with intelligent workflow applications and services
  • Establish remote workers
  • Improve employee purchase requests

Potential Challenge:

Industry Disruption

Support customer self-service with mobile capture
  • Enable loan applicants to directly submit loan documents
  • Allow insurance customers to upload damage data and documents
  • Enable employees to upload verification data
Quickly create new automation solutions with low-code applications
  • Match new clients to special offers
  • Collect benefits documents from new employees
Adapt business policies to ever-changing conditions with business process services
  • Update and apply regulatory rules for retail sales via decisions services
  • Create intelligent workflows to determine customer eligibility for new lending programs

Potential Challenge:

Elastic Demand

Enable scalable customer service with intelligent workflows
  • Example: Process requests for new payment terms
  • Automate handling of exceptions like refunds or credits
Help employees focus on work with higher value
  • Enter sales orders or new customer information
Handle spikes in demand with straight- through processing
  • Automate business processes like billing dispute resolution

Automate With Us

HighVail has been working with automation for years to help organizations reduce manual complexities and increase efficiencies. We strive to tackle the most stubborn challenges and have a deep-rooted belief that life is better when difficult things are automated.
As a company, our philosophy has always been to empower our customers. This is why during every engagement, we offer an ongoing working knowledge transfer to ensure that our clients have an understanding and comfort level prior to the completion of a project.

Ansible Automation
Proof-of-Value QuickStart

Our Ansible Automation Proof-of-Value QuickStart provides an easy entry to a proven automation practice (for the end-to-end orchestrated hybrid data centre). The offering includes expert assistance training your team, deploying the platform as a proof-of-concept (POC) targeted to automate and deploy an initial workflow or processes.

Find Proof in The Results

Increased Cost Savings

Businesses that automate can substantially save on costs by reducing or removing manual interaction.

Heightened Return on Investment (ROI)

Rapid delivery using microservices architecture in place of a monolithic application stack to help realize a return more quickly.

Improved Customer Experiences

Customer trends require more digital self-service features. Automation allows workers to return focus to constant improvement.

Accelerated Design Processes

With increased room for innovation, boost your competitive advantage by deploying new end-user applications faster and more frequently.

We can create a successful transformation strategy that will advance your enterprise to the next level.

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Planning Your Automation


We strive to tackle the most stubborn challenges and have a deep-rooted belief that life is better when difficult things are automated. Let us reduce your manual complexities.

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DevOps-as-a-Service (DaaS)

For enterprises looking for rapid delivery using microservices architecture in place of a monolithic application stack, we are the partner you need to help you transition to your new model. 

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Containers & Platform

For those not so far along the path, we can get you started. Legacy applications, public cloud vendor lock-in, and escalating licensing costs are constant considerations in every organization. Containerizing applications is a great option.

Looking to get started but not sure when to begin? We can help with the Application Containerization Quick-Start.