To Life / L’Chaim:
Celebrating 18 Years of HighVail

Bradley Brodkin

Bradley Brodkin

Founder & CEO, HighVail

A year ago, we posted a blog about our first 17 years in business, and I referred to the significance of the number 18 because that number in Hebrew also means life.  A year later, as we celebrate HighVail’s 18th  anniversary on May 1st, I think most would agree that celebrating life in the midst of all we’re living through right now is most appropriate.  And as we look back at the last year as well as the last 18 years, one word seems to describe both very well, perseverance.  And what is a life well lived if not for our ability as humans to persevere, regardless of the circumstance.

Reflecting on the life of HighVail, I can only feel pride in the legacy that we’ve created and nurtured over the last 18 years.  And much of that life and legacy has been driven by our ability to persevere in the face of the many changes, challenges and opportunities that have served to shape the individuals and company that we are.  The core values (Entrepreneurial Spirit, Commitment to Excellence, Caring for People & Dependability) that we’ve always followed have served as the basis for all our interaction, both internally and equally as importantly, externally with our clients and partners.  With all we’ve faced both as a company and at home with our families, we refer back to these values consistently to help us move forward and serve our clients regardless of the challenges we’ve all had to overcome.

As we look back at the last year as well as the last 18 years, one word seems to describe both very well, perseverance.

When Glen and I founded the company, we both agreed that our core values would always be based on fairness and dependability.  After he decided to leave the business in January 2010 and we brought Krys on as a partner, we decided to formalize that to ensure our existing team and anyone who would join the company would understand the importance of these values.  We expanded them to include Entrepreneurial Spirit and a Commitment to Excellence which was natural for us and a key reason that our clients and partners continue to work with us today.

Taking a collaborative approach, emphasizing creativity, innovation and business outcomes, with a continuous focus on weighing cost versus risk has allowed us to provide unique value to the markets we serve. These are the key differentiators that HighVail brings to the table and what life at HighVail is really all about.  In the almost 35 years I’ve been in IT, I’ve always worked with and served very smart and capable people.  And from the very beginning of my career, I came to recognize that differentiated value is based, first and foremost on being able to recognize that fact and seek out what that differentiation needs to look like.  And as we looked to bring on new team members at HighVail, I’ve always emphasized that fact in every interaction with candidates as well as our people.  I’ll admit it hasn’t always been easy and we’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way, but if this last year has taught me anything, it’s that the only constant is truly change and our ability to be agile and adapt to the changes necessary has made us stronger.  The zest for life and its challenges, which ultimately lead to opportunities are what gets us all up and ready to meet the day head-on.  No one knows what tomorrow may bring but being able to persevere in the face of the challenges as well as the opportunities ahead is for me and all of us at HighVail, what drives us to continue to evolve and grow together with our partners and our clients. So, to that I say, here’s to life and all it brings us!  L’Chaim, looking forward to the next 18 years!!
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