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The HighVail Training Room is a smart room – we invite you to join us for class!

Our dedicated onsite training room is equipped with state-of-the-art Cisco technology, including Spark managed by Cisco Cloud, without the need for on-premise servers.

Armed with Cisco Spark Room Kit Plus and Webex technology, 4 speakers, 1 HQ microphone unit, and a 75” HD screen, our room is ready for up to [virtually] 250 participants.

Join us in an environment you’ll feel comfortable learning in.

Training Room Details
  • Easily controlled by the Cisco Touch 10 control unit or with a Cisco Webex Teams app
  • Noise suppression reduces training sessions disruptions.
  • Local content can be share locally for on-site participants through 75” screen in the room or through Webex (For online participants with HD quality).
  • End to End Security
  • Training Sessions can be recorded into Webex cloud storage
  • HighVail has the Webex Advance Meeting license (Up to 250 participants and other more advance features for Training or Support sessions)
  • Wired and Wireless content sharing is available
  • Remote participants can join the session very easily with their PC or Smart phones.


Nenad Rokic

Nenad Rokic

Partner, Platform & DevOps

Nenad has been recently promoted as Partner of the Platform & DevOps team at HighVail. He is a Senior Solutions Architect with over 17 years of IT experience, with profound knowledge of today’s virtualization and cloud industry standards.

Nenad is currently accredited and certified by Oracle, RedHat, HDS, IBM, Veritas, and of course Docker as an Accredited Training Professional.

Andy Prowse

Andy Prowse

Manager, Platform & DevOps

Andy has been recently promoted as Manager of the Platform & DevOps team, under Nenad, at HighVail. He is a Senior Systems Specialist with over 25 years of Enterprise and Open Systems experience in Financial, Public, and Private sectors.

Andy is certified by Oracle, RedHat, IBM, DRBD, and Fujitsu, as well as by Docker as an Instructor.

Technical Breakdown

Our Docker-Certified Trainers are ready to help you move from conception to implementation.

HighVail is proud to be able to teach Docker Fundamentals and Enterprise Operations (either separately or combined as a bundle) to give you extensive knowledge and understanding surrounding data and systems modernization, containerization, security, successful deployment, image capture, and more *.

Cisco Spark Room Kit Plus can support larger, deeper rooms with more people (Compare with the Normal Room kits).

* See individual course pages for further details on objectives and syllabi.

Similar Services Offered

Our state-of-the-art Training Room supports Docker Training services, and so much more.

Here is an extended list of knowledge and methods which apply to Docker technology our Certified Trainers are ready to teach you about:

Container Technology
– Docker concepts (existing container platform)
– Docker Swarm theory (Docker orchestration)
– cri-o concepts (future container platform)
– Kubernetes theory (All other’s orchestration)
– Container Images, how they are created and used for applications and services
– Application creation and tuning for container based deployment
– Container storage and networking concerns

– DevOps methodology and best practices
– DevOps components (
– CI Server: Jenkins/Atlassian/Bamboo etc.
– Project management: Maven/Ant/Buildr
– Source revision control: Git/Bitbucket/SourceForge
– Logging: Logstash/Splunk
– Provisioning: Ansible/Puppet/Chef – Terraform

– OpenStack (RDO/
– Rancher (Container platform)
– Linux (SuSE/Ubuntu)
– Linux security
– Ansible best practices

– Linux Scripting (BASH, Python, golang etc.)
– Windows Scripting (PowerShell)